Koprivnica history unit of musketeers and haramies started with its activities in 2006 as a integral part of our historic event Renaissance festival.

Today unit counts twenty members and it is separate section of Association for living history „Anno Domini“.

Members has to satisfy few basic criteria to be part of unit – have to be 2 meters tall, blond and bearded.

In history, particularly in 16th century that they represent, Koprivnica musketeers, and arquebusiers were also professionals (mercenaries), originating from Central european countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Swiss and Italy), but also from France and Spain and on other side haramies were natives of Koprivnica and surrounding area, mostly rural residents that has defended city free of charge.

Musketeers unit characterize unique and extremely attractive colorful renaissance costumes, helmet, rapir sword, musket, rifle, cannon, halberd, powder flask, armor for the torso, drums, black woolen cloak, boots, thongs and collar.

Haramies weren’t so elegant but sore residents of Koprivnica, poorly dressed in costume with linen garments covered with woolen white cape, sword, ax, musket, hat with feather.

Virtuos and handsome historical troupe of Koprivnica very often occurs on bigger events throughout Croatia, but also abroad where with their attractive program of shooting from a musket.