About us

Historical mega spectacle Renaissance Festival kerning late medieval historical facts and originality of Koprivnica, Drava and the Croatian cultural heritage values of the Western European civilization circle (which is a part of Croatia), which is manifested through numerous upcoming knight, crafts and musical groups from nearly ten European countries. Event is a true example of the development of the European identity of the city and region.

Koprivnica fortress walls, the remnants of what used to be a magnificent, renaissance anti Turkish fortress, represent a silent witness of a time long past. Are they hiding an interesting secret or a story about a broken love or perhaps about the courage of their protectors and can they give us a picture of how the residents of feudal Koprivnica used to create, make war, celebrate or carry on trade? This will be demonstrated by the Renaissance festival.

This tourist-historical and educational event is the greatest spectacle of live images from the past in this part of Europe, based on historical facts.

Nettle dishes will bring us back to the 13th century when Koprivnica was mentioned for the first time. The event will be opened by the arrival of the King Ludovic Anjou from 1356 on which occasion the major will be presented with a Charter of a free royal town.

Long-past 15th century will be marked by Herman of Celje, the owner of Kamengrad and Koprivnica at that time. However, the program will mostly be focused on the 16th century, when the renaissance fortifications were actually built.

Visitors will not only be able to enjoy the staged scenes of medieval life, chivalry, music, dance but also the taste of medieval dishes prepared on the spot by the Royal chef of Podravkas top team as well as Hotel Podravina according to the original recipes from the long gone period when a great deal of groceries (potato, tomato, corn, turkey etc.) was mostly unknown, and will be served in a way common half a millennium ago.

Along with the meat dishes made from cock, wild boar, venison there will also be delicious dishes made from nettle, insignificantly-looking plant, to which Koprivnica owes its name. As in old days, thirst will be quenched with wines from the nearby vineyards, old Croatian mead served by the local mead makers, as well as Pan beer, a continuation of a centuries-old tradition of brewing in Koprivnica.

Renaissance Festival will continue with the trend of the ban on using plastic cutlery so that medieval life in four days of maintenance will be more authentic and more identical. It is not an easy task because we have to make tens of thousands of ceramic mugs with the logo of the event that any visitor will use by the catering services at the event and could get for a symbolic price. They will be able to keep the mug or a return it and request a refund. We will also re-establish a commission to visit of the exhibitors and warn them to their deficiencies (adequate lighting, plastic bags, plastic cutlery and drink, appropriate costumes and the like.)

To our events oldest space of the city was neglected and totally ignored (earthen ramparts and buildings Armed). In addition we have to cleaned up the most of the natural vegetation and weeds, we cleaned up and devastated ground armed. How would we have to convincingly portray the period in telling stories, we built a wooden palisade (walls and towers), set a wooden bridge at the site where they were in those days, and also have set up a temporary wooden structures for humans and animals. We staged the attack (day and night) on the fort which attracted and impressed many visitors.