Medieval food and drinks

The history of one city as a enternal inspiration led us to bravely try to conjure with a broader aspect of how people lived six centuries ago in Koprivnica.

Renaissance festival as a original tourist product for the sixth years tends to show all the wealth of history and tradition.

One of the regular participants of Renaissance festival is also an author of book Zlatko Sedlaniæ. King Louis I. Angevin, who has declared Koprivnica in 1356 as a free royal town, every year with his entourage enjoys in delights of this skilled chef.

Internationally recognized with title of „royal chef“ tries to show visitors of Renaissance festival dishes and groceries that can still be found on our tables.

Reserch and creative approach of the author brought out this impressive gastromic piece of work of twenty dishes that he tries to save from the oblivion.

Renaissance cookbook can buy in Tourist Board of Koprivnica and in gift shop on Zrinski square near the fountain.

Recipes from Renaissance cookbook